Useful Numbers and Info

Emergency - 911

Non-emergency - 545-COPS

Central Station on Tillman - 528-3000

U of M substation -  678-4028

City Council Representative

MLGW Streetlight Maintenance - 320-1497

When reporting an outage, provide the address closest to the light and the pole number which is

found on a silver plate at eye level on the pole.  It will be five or six digits long.

Storm Water - ph # 576-6721. report people who are putting debris in the street and storm drains and report blockage problems. 

Code Enforcement

Concerned citizens are encouraged to telephone the Mayor's Citizen Service Center at 576-6500 to file a complaint. The Department of Housing/Code Enforcement can also be contacted at 576-7380 to file a complaint regarding unsafe housing conditions or inoperable vehicles.


Some of the common complaints reported by citizens include abandoned houses and vehicles, structural defects in dwellings, and appliances or junk stored on property.


Voter Registration - 545-4136
Report Potholes - 528-2911

Vehicle Inspection Stations Web Cams

Hate to wait in line every year to get your car inspected?  Go online

and see how long the line is before you go.  And, once you pass inspection, you can get your tag stickers on the same day if you visit the Shelby County Clerk’s office located in Poplar Plaza off Prescott (M-F 7am-3pm)


Vacation Watch

You can call the Tillman Station (528-3000) and request a vacation watch when you are going to be out of town.  Each shift will drive by and check your house while you are gone.  It's a free service and also means we will have more patrol cars in the neighborhood.


Scoop the Poop Signs 

You can get a FREE sign for your yard that reminds people to pick up after their pets and on the back explains why it is important and a city ordinance as well.  Call 576-4349 and they will mail you one for FREE


Check your credit reports for free

You can get one free credit report annually from each of the three major bureaus (Experian, Equafax and TransUnion) at   By rotating your requests you can receive a free report every four months.


Stop telemarketers

Register your phone on the National Do Not Call Registry maintained by the FTC at 888-382-1222 or  Unless they are charities, political groups, surveys or companies that you have ties with, telemarketers are barred from calling registered numbers.


Opt out of credit offers

Spend less time shredding solicitations for new credit cards, mortgages and other loans so people can't steal your identity this way.  If you want to cut the number of unsolicited credit card offers you receive, you need to get off the mailing lists before they are compiled.  Sign up with the credit card bureaus’ opt-out service.  This service removes you from the marketing lists they sell to credit card issuers.  It really works!

Call 888-567-8688 from your home phone or register at


Lessen the odds of identity theft

Don't put checks in the mail by leaving them in your mailbox.  Your checks can be washed and rewritten.  An easier way to pay bills is to sign up for autopay.  They deduct the amount from your checking account on the last day possible and only send you a statement.  An added bonus is the 42 cent savings on every stamp you don't use.  Or, banking online accomplishes the same thing.


Credit cards

Only carry the ones you will need.  Copy the front and back on a copier and hide it in a safe place.  If your wallet is stolen you have the info to quickly cancel the cards.



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